How long will the bricks be available to purchase?

With the majority of construction scheduled to be complete by the end of December 2017, bricks will only be available for a limited time. Please purchase your brick on or before the close of business August 11, 2017.

When will the new spray fountain be built?

Work on the south end of the existing pedestrian mall will begin July 24, 2017 and the spray fountain will open in the Summer of 2018.

How long until my brick is engraved? Can I see it?

The bricks are laser engraved in large batches. Due to the complexity of storing the bricks, we will not be able to show you your brick until it is installed.

I purchased a brick for the old spray fountain. What is going to happen to my brick?

All of the existing bricks were inventoried and photographed. Existing bricks will be reused or replicated and incorporated into the area around the new fountain.

Where will my brick be located?

Bricks will be located in and around the planter wall by the spray fountain. Depending on the volume of bricks sold, bricks may also be incorporated into other areas adjacent to the fountain and planter wall.

Will my brick look exactly like it does on the website?

The website preview is for general reference only. While all of the words you enter on the website will be arranged as you provide, the font style and size may appear different on the completed brick. The colors of the bricks may also vary from what you see on the screen.

I made a mistake on my brick order. Can I make changes?

If you made a mistake or would like to add something, please contact the Community Development Department at 330-971-8135 or by email at development@cityofcf.com. The bricks will be engraved after August 11, 2017, so it is likely that the error can be corrected.

Is your website secure?

Your credit card order is processed using secure SSL encryption. This prevents unauthorized access to your credit card data. We do not save your credit card number.

How will the proceeds from the sale of my brick be used?

Proceeds from the sale of the bricks will be put toward the purchase of an art installation in the reopened downtown.

Can I place an order by mail or in person?

All orders will be placed online via this website. If you have questions or need assistance completing your online order, please visit the City of Cuyahoga Falls Development Department. The Development Department can be contacted by phone at 330-971-8135 or by email at development@cityofcf.com.
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